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➣ Our Vision

Buddisht Kung Fu Federation of India is an Indian martial arts skill through which we have been spreading awareness to all the citizens of the country by physical, mental, ideological, yoga-meditation and sports activities for the last few decades and guiding them towards a healthy life and that’s the only purpose. Martial Arts is the traditional cultural soul of India, the mere practice of which brings physical, mental and ideological benefits to every person. And self-power develops which helps every youth to become strong and self-reliant and with full consciousness he will be able to contribute in strengthening himself, the society and the country. Therefore, in the coming time, the Budhist Kung Fu Federation of India will extend this education to all the rural areas and all the metropolitan cities of the country so that every person can get benefit of it.

➣ Our Mission

Invisible Force

Invisible Force is a gift to all women from the Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India. Like in all the countries of the world, the participation of women in any field has been less than that of men or they were not encouraged or they did not get guidance. For some reason or the other, women were not allowed to be introduced to their rights, their self-reliance and their inner strength. In today’s modern era, many girls and women are playing their roles in making this society strong and powerful. But there is a large section of women who are still confined to their homes with social, family and old beliefs. Either they lack education or despite being a housewife, they have started considering themselves unfit for any outside work.Therefore, they have to go through many such physical, family, social and economic demands. Because due to lack of self-power, such women and girls become victims of many types of physical and mental harassment. Therefore, Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India provides a platform to women of all sections to showcase their skills. For example, girls and women living in any area of the country can become members of the Invisible Force and create their own identity by becoming self-reliant, from rural areas to urban areas. For this, the Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India will give you courses in Yoga Meditation, Weight Loss, Self Defense, Martial Arts, Boxing, Lathi, Nanchaku etc. martial arts techniques as well as management leadership courses in just 6 months. As a result of which you will be able to remain physically and mentally healthy and become financially strong. Our aim is that women from all across the country, from rural areas to state and national level, should play their role and become self-reliant and build a happy life and a strong society with their honor and self-respect.

➣ Coming Soon New Martial Arts Magazine

Budhist Kung Fu Federation of India is going to launch digital e-copy and hard copy multi-coloured magazine of Sports Martial Arts very soon. Due to which people across the country will get complete and authentic information about yoga, meditation, self-defense, awareness along with information about martial arts sports and games in the magazine.At the same time, we will unite the masters who are interested in promoting martial arts and give them an opportunity to move forward.The press officers of the magazine will be appointed from all over the country,that is from rural to districts of all the states, And they will be given the target of reporting on their respective areas and spreading the mission of Health is wealth policy of Buddhist kung fu federation towards the people. And to the officers who dream of making a career in martial arts, Buddhist Kung Fu Federation of India giving a golden opportunity.

Which will bring awareness among people about martial arts and introduce them to its impressive results.
We will work to develop ourselves and martial arts at all levels, starting from rural areas.

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